One Nation lyrics

Sister Hazel

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When you were born you didn't know
You thought we were the same
You know we walked the same - we talked the same
Although you never knew my name
But you were told when we were young
That I was not the same
'you know he's not the same - he's not the same!'
And then you never asked my name ...


I say won't you have a lovely day
And then you come back telling me to go to hell


But it's - one nation indivisible
One nation indivisible
One nation indivisible - oh my God it's irresistable
One nation indivisible ...

Well a baby is a baby a man he is a man
You know he tries the same - he cries the same
And then you know he dies the same
But when I ask in disbelief
And they say 'just because!'
You know I have to state - we learn to hate
And man you know I can't relate ... !

Bridge - chorus (repeat)

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