Feel It lyrics

Sister Hazel

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There's been days I've fallen
And walked away the times I should have stayed.
I looked away, yeah looked away ... so far away -
And when you asked I said I'm not afraid.


But now I can't hold it - hold it
Flash a frozen smile when it boils down inside.
No now I can't hold it - hold it
Just a little crack ...
And then the walls come tumblin' down


And I feel it. it's my time don't try to steal it.
Feel it. reach inside
Feel it. if you ask well I won't conceal it.
Feel it. I used to wonder but now I finally know ...

Papa said the sun it also rises.
But when I turn it's falling from the sky.
It slips away - yeah slips away so far away.
And leaves me staring only at the night.


Watch the walls come tumblin' down ...


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