Milk 'em lyrics

Ghostface Killah

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(feat. Trife Da God)

[Intro: Ghostface Killah]
Kinda dusty.....

[Ghostface Killah]
Yo, with this game come alotta hate, but there's alotta snakes
Niggaz see the size of my dish, and wanna pick a plate
Thinkin' I'ma fold under pressure, y'all wanna see me break
Had these niggaz skating on ice, doing a figure eight
Twelve getting strong in the game, y'all can't touch me
I must be, made out of steel, y'all can't crush me
Watch how I paint this picture, into a mixture
With symbolic words, when they merge they form a scripture
Tone be that nigga, I belong in the ficture
Very necessary that my robes is furry
Picture me, in the King's chair blowin' on bark
Before queens holding toothbrushes, scrubbin' my Clarks
Feedin' me grapes, give me style shakes, Frosted Flakes
Flood the plate, twenty four karats that intake
I'm all over the globe, like water in moat
Cocaine cookouts over portable stoves

[Chorus: Ghostface Killah]
Watch how we milk 'em this year
Y'all niggaz straight soft, like silk in this here
My niggaz came off, ran hard for 10 years
But this time around, we got a new sound for deaf ears
Things is different, now time's is changing
So it's a new direction that my rhymes is aimed in
It's more than entertainment, it's hip hop
The way that we walk, the way that we talk
It's our language

[Trife Da God]
Aiyo, now who you know is more liver than Trife?
The piledriver improviser go to work on your body like exercisers
My opening lines'll open your mind
Glock popper, clock stopper, leave you frozen in time
Plus you never seen me rolling with shines, I'm barely seen
Got bitches in all flavors, I call 'em my Dairy Queens
Gettin' CREAM, that's a daily routine, y'all niggaz know me
I'm the one and only, that's word to Chef and Pretty Toney
Make my debut on Bulletproof Wallets, that's when I come through
Stay true, got nothing for free, I had to pay dues
You feelin' like a frog then jump, you in the swamp with gators
Nigga, we eat you tadpoles for lunch
It's not a hunch, it's a sure fact
Drunk nigga fall back, I'm tellin' you once
Don't get your fronts and your jaw cracked
Theodore, we the new villains in here
Starks Enterprise, we seeing 20 million this year

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