Event lyrics

Ghostface Killah

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(feat. Trife Da God)

[Trife Da God]
You wouldn't believe (what) what just happened to Steve
He got bagged up town with a brick in his sleeve
Plus an asshole full of dimes, so when he see the judge
You know he gon' get an asshole full of time
Linebacker numbers, no distracting this hunger
And they was watching 'em for damn near, half of the summer
It's a shame how that boy that bagged, right on the Ave
One four-fifth, d's was hopping out yellow cabs
Guns drawned, told 'em get on the floor, gave 'em a run for the money
And in the process he dished the raw
Had the whole precint on him, cops sleeping on him
Them faggot ass rednecks started beating on him
Usually roll with a pitch in his fifth, or heat is on him
Was a risk, but the nigga insist, he keep it on him
It's a fucked up world we live in, for all my niggaz been maxed in, in prison
Going back to the system

[Chorus 2X: Trife Da God]
The moral of the story is there ain't one
This is just a tale, take a look at this picture, I'm try'nna paint one
Go into my mind, and see what you'll find
Events that all took place once upon a time

[Trife Da God]
They say I'm grimey, but I'm cool as shit
I show you how to use a bitch, to move a brick
Half a kilo stashed in the uteris
Don't gotta say a word, she observe when I move my lips
She don't sit when she piss, she 'stand up' like Ludacris
My bitch, she'll shoot a snitch, quick fast in a hurry
And then she'll hop her ass on the Ferry
Push the pedal to the metal, pumping gas in the Chevy
Hit my whole team off, serving ass in the telly
And she ride for a nigga, like Kobe's wife
This is Trife, no comparison to Obie Trice
And when she bark, man, that's only right
Cuz she be starting a flick, starving for dick, on her lonely nights
But Tone told me to play it close, before she leave a player broke
He seen her in Medina with Katrina stealing baby coats
Her pops got money, this shit is worth eighty notes
She nineteen and fiend for 'Ice Cream' like Rae and Ghost
Good girl, or bad girl, nigga, they all the same
See it's not how you fuck 'em, it's how you teach 'em the game
You can shape and mold 'em, but you sure can't control 'em
They have you dealing with six, going through the emotions

[Chorus 2X]

[Outro: Trife Da God]
Yeah, niggaz, know what I mean
Trife Diesel, Starks Enterprise, Emile on the track
Kryme Life, Tommy Whispers, Theodore Unit
T.M.F. in the house, word up

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