Little Home lyrics

White picket fence and yeah thats me
I've got a nice mowed lawn and a family
I make a little money, got a dog with a bone
Cause I have a little mind and a nice little home

The milkman's here, wonder what he'll bring
The kids and beaver cleaver on the tire swing
The wife's in the kitchen cookin' a roast
I like my little mind and my little home

Eat the rich and kill the poor, that's good for me
I've got a rusted yellow bucket and a case of v.d
I've got no money and I have no home
So step the fuck back and just leave me alone

The purple hearts here, wonder what they'll bring
The wife's in the bedroom having a fling
I think I'll drop it all
And head to the coast
I used to have a little mind and a nice little house

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