The Real You lyrics

The word real is defined as what really lies inside
You're not the person I once knew,
You're not the you that I'm used to
All this wool is buggin' my eyes and I never realized
Behind that plastic shell, you cannot even tell
I can't come in cause you won't let me break through the mask of who you are listen | buy

You let down your shield, it's your best defense,
It won't devastate you, it's really hard
For me to tell you everything that I want to tell to you
But you never knew the real me
And I'm sure I never knew the real you

I wanna see the real you! (repeat 6x)

Conflicting spheres of interest pose a threat to who we are
And where we want to be, we just can't see
We throw the walls up around ourselves
Our visions are dulled and doubtful
It's our double standards
That'll wrap us up inside ourselves and never let us out

I wanna see the real you! (repeat 6x)

Fucking bitch!
The real you!
I wanna see the real you! (repeat 6x)

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