Pinto Bean Freestyle lyrics


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Fu-Fu-Fucking Getting it (Yeah)
Yelawolf Bitch

Okay, okay, okay I told that bitch to meet me at the condo
Just tell me where I can locate that fucker Rondo
She said I know he somewhere dope and getting gassed up
So we stuck his ass up at canco
Oh boy, playboy, I'm too raw to have my own business
Ain't I just getting it though my story should be prohibited
Bitches is giggling, dudes are like infinitely hating
But this is pivotal shift in a career of Michael Atha, yeah!
Michael Atha on a bike, I'm psycho, Harley Davidson
Chick be poppin', if is droppin' then I'm microwaving, yeah!
Sip, sip and tripping, grab the mic and shock the stage in, yeah!
Leave 'em rocking, like the Cookup whipping pats of bacon, yeah!
Soda hold the door, before the show is over
So we toe to toe with the promoters, so and so is throwing show to so go get your motor rolling, get that one dash three and four and call up a patrol for local help before we hit road, I'm out
I am out, I am higher than a spot of a Chevron, oil leaking and gasoline is in a drought, out!
In that Chevrolet still, yeah I'm in that Chevrolet still
He want hand racks for that dip, boy I bet I pay for them wheels
I'm nervous 'bout that rent, boy I better wait for that deal
I'm nervous about that bitch, boy I bet I pay for them pills
Church! All hail, Yelawolf went so far left that he came full circle
No bullets in the revolver left (left)
Been at the cross, with the tall nails (tall nails)
But I'm at peace with my fate, boss (fate boss)
Third eye open so set sail (set sail)
Man it was nothing like what they thought
From Alabama so, how did I get so open minded
When I got Hillbillies posted up, dipping Skoal behind me
Go poke around the soil, my roots are covered in blood
How can I not be deep? unfold the origami
I went from salami and ramen noodles to wasabi and "what is it?" I can't pronounce those, who?
See you can take the boy up out the swimming hole
But you can't take Catfish Billy up out the flows, nah
You begin fuck around looking like somebody took your best chicken from the coop
And took your coupé and crashed it into the booth
With the full intention of fucking you
Hip Hop
I am a leader, but neither with I soon admit to it neither
If you say I'm a leader then follow me, don't bother me with the fucking ideas, seen
Quote it, print it, ching
After every single dream
? is to me, Pinto Beans, Chingo Bling
And blue suede is to king, like a blade is to sling
And I reckon I'm gon' kill him

Trunk Muzik 3 (Bitch!)

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