Box Chevy 6 lyrics


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Uh, yeah
See I'm a walking, talking, barking, biting, plotting, lightning in a bottle, Chevrelot golden model
Crystal glass full of cool water when I wobble past the keys to the valley and hit the throttle
Why they make it, drank it, scraping pills was once over cause over, cause a switch of funk with Trunk Muzik III
I lose it, I use it, I drank it, I hang it, I waited, I'm willing, I'm dangerous
Aim for the 8 pieces you could just throw
Who in the fuck is this hitting the flow
Catfish Billy got that knocking homie
I'm a rocking homie, I don't think slow
But I sink low when that bucket seep
Low Fashion is lotion week
If I want it, fuck it, yeah I can get it
I must be living on rocket street
If your hoe got that robert that wing flow
Hanging down over as we go
Back from alone, from a lone mobile home
I could roll you a cone with no ring coats
Chevrolet hit with the street gold
Does that ever mean no, I just sinkhole
Smirk, bite, Chevy-like window
I got this bitch

Runnin, Runnin, Runnin, Runnin, Runnin out (the parking lot)
Runnin, Runnin, Runnin, Runnin, Runnin out (the parking lot)
We got this bitch runnin, runnin

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