No Pain No Gain lyrics


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Keep fighting till you overcome
In the jungle beat the drums
Victory I must get
Tell me can you feel my pain?

[Verse 1: Wale]
Uh uh, yea I'm a Gladiator I'm a fighting champion a warrior
I'm a family man I gotta pay my dues but can't afford to run
Hold my head up high and never let up nah maybe it's foolish pride
And if I gotta lose then make me fall down four times, I get up five
I'm committed to this, I'm addicted to winnin but ain't livin for that
Tryin to get em to see
I don't do it for me as long as I'm givin civilians a hundred million percent
This is hard work, this is our turf, I'm a carry the city till my arms hurt
I'm a move make and never lose faith I know the easy plays do the hard work

[Hook x2: Wale]
No pain no gain, no strife no stripes, no blood no bash
For the burgundy and gold never hold nothin' back
No pain no gain, no strife no stripes, no blood no bash
For the burgundy and gold we gone always fight

[Verse 2: Wale]
Look we came to work, we came to win
They came to watch so let the games begin
The defense will be sick, when we get up in
The trenches, relentless till we put up six
Where your focus at?
Where your soldiers at?
You never got to ask
It ain't no holdin back until we on the map
No pain no gain
Though it hurt I won't quit yea
And if I'm on one leg I'm a still be here all year won't sit
Stand tall for the whole team
Work hard when its dark keep focused
See the odds keep dodgin them all if you fall go harder
Cuz you here for a purpose

[Hook x2]

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