Black Grammys lyrics


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If Michael Jackson was alive right now
He would want us to smoke one for him
Double M, Self Made 3, let’s go

[Interlude: Wale]
Folarin in this ma’fucka
I’m just talking to you ma’fuckas
If I don’t make you niggas proud
…never be alive

[Verse 1: Wale]

[Verse 2: Meek Mill]
Uh, I did it for my family, I’mma take my mama to the Grammy’s
And shoutout everybody that ever said that I can’t be
And show her everything she taught done came in handy
Yeah, everything…
Hurricane flow, dropped my album it was Sandy
On another level so they couldn’t understand me
I guess I gotta take what I want like Meyer Lansky
…put your feet up and sit back
Barely went gold but I got money just like I went plat
You get that? Look like I went diamond where my wrist at
I eat a nigga’s first four bars without a Kit Kat, pause
Let me get that, oh, how you get that far
Cause when I ran out of gas I had to push that car
And when I ran out of cash I had to push that hard
Like Chris Paul when he push that ball, you dig?
I ain’t even used to look that far, you dig?
I learned to hustle when I took that loss, I did
18 when I took that charge
Time to retire old niggas like they did…
New flows and new hoes
Now I’m switching Ferrari’s just like I do clothes
I run a business my nigga, I don’t just do shows
I don’t just rhyme nigga, all I know is grind nigga

[Verse 3: Rockie Fresh]
I’m looking at the plan like this shit might work
But if it don’t work then this shit might hurt
We made first and goal now we gotta convert
Gotta get a couple mill and go for dessert
I’m tryna break the bank, I ain’t breaking the news
That negative attention be the reason we lose
Instead of paying bills niggas wanna buy shoes
If it’s money over bitches, is it that hard to choose?
Get these fuck niggas some fame
9 times out of 10 they wouldn’t even sustain
You can tear they ass apart and let the pussy remain
Until the industry fuck ‘em and then they know…
I always been me, I was never ashamed
I understand that no man’s path is the same
And when you not lying…
If you ever tell the truth then you…
Nigga don’t be a statistic
How your main bitch sending me pictures?
Feeling futuristic might buy me a Fisker
Or a time machine to make the process quicker
I ain’t with the waiting but I stay patient
I take work trips, I don’t take vacations
I’m headed to the top where I stay stationed
Yeah nigga, I stay stationed
And I ain’t with the drama, don’t look back for that
The flow got more crack than the trap you at
I’m done with bitter bitches, it’s wrap for that
If your a angry bird, it’s an app for that
I waited for a minute for this plan to hatch
And now I’m back with a brand new batch
Yeah, and it feel good when it go like that
I spend quick and make the dough right back

[Verse 4: J. Cole]
This verse never before rehearsed, it was wrote on site
This little nigga…
Took a whole lot of punches like the Cotto fight
Cole world… I put your soul on nice
Illiterate, the boy don’t write
Never met a beat the flow don’t like, it’s cold
Young CEO, Elli called me Ne-Yo
And If I ain’t the one on the prototype
Insane how I rhyme
All I do is brainstorm then I rain down lines
Shame y’all lying, me I’m the truth
Dog eat dog world nigga we on the loose
Niggas don’t wanna hang, I’m the tree, I’m the noose
You lil pups couldn’t pee on my roots
Touch the beat, oh, I could be a masseuse
Thoughts black, I should be in The Roots

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