Unmasked! lyrics

The Mountain Goats

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Rain beats down, down on the outer walls
Down on the skylight, where the streetlights
Shine like unquenchable coals

And I’m up high, trying to say goodbye
The only way I know how

Crude and graceless
Peeking through the eyeholes
Seeing the real you

And just after midnight
When it feels like it's getting late
I will reveal you
I will reveal you

Crowd's half-gone, just a few hangers-on
Come to see me finally tear through the stitching at last
And you don't care, you look almost relieved down there
Like you're free, like you can breathe now
Like they've sawn off your cast
Just one more sleeper to see through

And by way of honoring
The things we once both held dear
I will reveal you
I will reveal you

Cast of thousands
But we were the real two
And when I'm alone
Before a mirror late at night
I will reveal you
I will reveal you

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