Feel It Coming Back lyrics


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Under the stars at night,
I whisper in your ear,
I burn myself in hell,

You close i wanna show you
Dating in your heat,
Story's like a tale
A tale of undless dreams,
'Cause when I get to kiss
You leave the coming true
Like I have never see.

It's like a bright in all my senses,
Nothin' is the same.

I feel my heart going faster and higher
And stronger when you're next to me
'Cause I remember my world I give a caming need
But then you set me free

I feel my heart has been found
Has been same is no longer of is beating try
'Cause no there's nothing better then you give a love
And feel it coming back, I feel it coming back.

There's just a simply touch
It left without a dawn
Is just so good to me
That I what capt to see
With love is all about.

*It's like a bright...

*I feel my heart...

Baby let me be your shelter
When the night is get for,
Let me be your lighter hold,
Your guide in light in all you know.

*I feel my heart...

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