Red Rover lyrics

Rosie Thomas

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Red rover, red rover, send Mary right over
Schoolbooks in her hand and a shawl over her shoulders
And let her run, run as fast as she can
Don't let her grow up to be like her mother
Heart so unconvinced and a world so undiscovered
And asking for forgiveness, not knowing how to forgive

In time, just let her go
In time, she's beautiful
If you hold her back she may never know

Red rover, red rover, send Daniel right over
Schoolbooks in his hand and a coat over his shoulders
And let him run, run as fast as he can
Don't let him grow up to be like his father
Heart so set in stone and a smile so undercover
And opening the door to love, never letting love in

In time, just let him go
In time, he's beautiful
If you hold him back he may never know.

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