New Year?s Warning lyrics

Robbie Williams

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X-mas is gone and so is your headYou spent the last seven days wrapped up in bedAs you listen to me on your new hi-fi stackerYour mum receives the bill, let?s pull another crackerBut the crackers are gone, and the turkey?s expiredWhat you did at the office party, you?ll probably be firedYou would have been fine with Tracey, or even with SharonBut in front of the boss, and with Darren!Your nuts are being roasted on that open fireAled Jones has been strangled and so has the choirYes X-mas has gone and here is the new year?s warningAlkaselzer, pint of water or bad head in the morningA man who knows about bad heads this year displays the blinderIn the name of the father, it?s my man, Shaun Ryder!

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