Troubadours lyrics

Rilo Kiley

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It was an eight-minute ceremony
Everyone was there
The groom wore a black cape
The bride with diamonds in her hair
They've disappeared like the troubadours
They're not comin' back
We really knew how to have some fun
They're not alive, not one of 'em

I sit alone in my room
I'm so damned depressed
I re-enact plays on the polo field
I've never ridden a horse
That's just the trouble with magazines
I get so involved
Recalling my days in north africa
I've never crossed the atlantic

My parents lived a life less glamorous
Workin' away in las vegas
'72 vista cruiser
They even lived in it
I'll gladly tell you all about it
I can't remember it
I'll say "those were the days of the troubadours
They're not comin' back"
We really knew how to have some fun
Before my parents got divorced

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