Ripchord lyrics

Rilo Kiley

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Pull the ripcord, the ship has lost its sail.
Your momma's got a new man. Your daddy always fails.
And you're eating again, at them, 'cause nobody loves you.
And even fancy things have finally lost their charm.
Wine and diamond rings, they never get you anymore.
You're sleeping again, alone, 'cause nobody loves you.
And ooh ooh ooh ooh, they should have seen you,
Should have known you, should've known what
It was like to be you.
So come on kid, look at what you did.
I don't know if you meant it,but you did yourself in and
I was even havin' a good day when i found out we lost you.
So aye aye aye and a
Oh oh oh and a yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah oh oh
And ooh ooh ooh ooh she said "it was in the singing and the
Strumming-- oh man, i even saw it coming"

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