Room 8 lyrics

Rilo Kiley

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Room 8 the invite says
Come and surpise you're oldest friend
The door's ajar, what's behind
In room 8, room 8, room 8

Cards are found in boxes there
Welcome me in to the earthly air
A baby girl named jennifer
Born here, born here, in room 8

Lock the car
Tremble and shake
Baby the call was just a fake
But there she is spotted through rain
Jennifer she calls your name

On the bed, hip displaced
Broken nose and a toothless face
But she's alive, she's awake
In room 8, room 8, room 8

And she whispers,
We're still working full-time for love underpaid, overworked, uninsured
We'll work gladly with our hands, we'll take off our gloves
'Til it's only love - 'til love remains
In room 8, room 8, room 8

I've never felt this pain before
Doubled over the motel floor
The ambulance it pulls away
With only tears as my alibi

But i'm still workin' full-time for love 9 to 5, weekends, and holidays
Don't lay me off with severence pay
Work me 'til i'm enslaved
By your elusive ways, invisible of

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