Yung N Thuggin lyrics

Rich Homie Quan

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Hey hey hey
Hey hey hey
Woah woah woah

Rich Homie

[Verse 1: Rich Homie Quan]
Imma get this money everyday
She gon' pop that pussy for them faces
I just spent a hundred on this face, huh
I can't fuck her cause I heard her ass fake
Wait wait
I mean turn up turn up (?)
Got these foreign bitches walking 'round here naked
Huh huh
Bitch you starting to look the same are we related
Wait wait
I can't fuck you heard you were already pregnant
But but
I might do it anyway
But but but
I see something so special in your eyes
I-I just hope you are not faking in disguise
Cause I got so much money in this motherfucker
Quan what kind of bag is that (?) motherfucker
And I could've payed five, dropped a dime in that motherfucker
And that lil bit was alright
She ain't really know how to suck it
But at twelve (?) pull over shorty know how to take it

Cause shorty she young and thugging
Young and thugging, thugging, thugging
She young and thugging
Thugging thugging thugging thugging
She young and thugging
Yeah yeah
She young and thugging
Young and thugging, young and thugging, young and thugging

She'll take a charge for me (thugging thugging thugging)
She'll go to Harvard (thugging thugging thugging)
She'll even walk off in the airport with it (thugging thugging thugging)
Thugging, thugging, thugging, thugging, thugging, thugging, thugging, thugging

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