Queen Of Venus lyrics

Remy Zero

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I fell down, tried to keep hands numb,languished on the lizard skin divan,stared into the sun.That man is one, is'clipsin' out to see the fun through.He said, "Comin' from me to you..."Chorus:Though the farm is bet,I still don't have no opinion yet.Better to recede me,she commands a greater beating to her chest.The slow fix, the snow stickson the ground.Lazy truck from centralto the lizards on theSenzenmonic belt.Her body said,"Let the furues blow until they're through."She'll be there when the crow comes to.Drinkin' whiskey from a tombstone flask,coming back trhough the weeds and the trash.Double wide inside and blue,eclipsing it to get to you at last.PEDRO!Repeat chorus:

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