Hermes Bird lyrics

Remy Zero

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Your sad songs rain heaven.Here's a call for you,so don't let it fall into yourfrail dreams of horror.Life, lies, and shattered blows,calling out you're famous.Chorus:So hold to your permanent blissin the time that it takes to exist.From the hours to the fall of it.It's all right.You're all wrong.And it's a dangerous thing to ignore.It's so easy when the world has it's way,well, then you're gone.Life, limbs, and shattered blowsscrawling out you're famous.Rpeeat chorusAlright, I never saidto just cast them out.Leave it 'til the morningthen you're gone.So long.Cast them out.Now you're alive.Repeat chorusIt's so,it's so easy ...

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