Gramarye lyrics

Remy Zero

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"Here they come, here they come,here they come and they might as well.Too many birds in my confusion now.Now they'll circle over this house 'till wetake them in..."You show me a signto rise up from the world we knowand she's strung out on life.He soon rolls his teeth.Spilling out from a mouth fit to overflow back into me...Chorus:She moves and it's fire(fire underwater),speaks of its flame(she speaks my name).Well they all really want you,if only you thatw anted them.Lights move in the chalk lines,chains that define who I am...Here we are again.(how could I have seen?)Always she's driving(how could I have known?)right through the strangest calling(I should have known).straight through the sound,(gramarye, I've found),see how she's driving me... down.Straight from the sound.She's seen as a bright sun to anyone...hollow and minedwith the weight of the worldtrailing out till thelast train discovers mealive on Vine.Repeat chorus:I used to see something in the idea,but only once did my hands reachanything beautiful.Now she's turned away...and I... ooooooh I....Repeat chorus

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