Descent lyrics

Remy Zero

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To the south end.To the store there,got coffeeand it's reeling in my bones.'Cause it feels like that time whenwe were outside in the snow.And she looked at me and smiledthe songs that said so.'Cause that was early last summer,can't you keep your fuckin'memories to yourself?It's totally dead now.I won't descend.You're the same, the shame again.This is the last roundbefore there.This is the way to goand we will never know.'Cause it feels like that time thatwe were outside in the snow.That was early last summer,Can't you keep your fuckin'money for the road?It's totally spent now.I want descent.You're the same, the shame again.Write down this wasted time,slippin' from my fingers to your own.It's totally gone now.I won't descend.You are at least a song...the main light in myself.No one else buys in right now.All that's left now, frozen still,this is the last time,that was the last...This is the last town,this is the last time,this is the last way,that we will ever know.This is the last frown,this is the last sound,this is the last way,to shake this thing around,around and 'round my darling.No one deserves you right now.Baby, I do.

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