We Never Made It To Mexico lyrics

Randy Rogers Band

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Adios senorita
I hope he treats you well
I'll be drinkin' tequila
Here at the airport hotel

Sometime manana
Baby I'll be on a plane headed straight for the coast
And telling a stranger how we never made it to Mexico

Hola Cabo San Lucas
I'm guessing that you can tell
That I'm rolling solo
A gringo just going through hell

I'm in a bad way
Como se dice
Heartache in espanol
I don't know how to say it
But we never made it to Mexico

And even the sea of Cortez can't wash you away
Or change anything
He's never bringing you back to me, we both know
And I'll always hate it
We never made it to Mexico

Standing over the ocean and holding a diamond ring
It's not how I planned it, but you still brought me to my knees
Mire haste quebrada, gracias por nada
I whisper and I let go
That sunset faded but we never made it to Mexico

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