To The Rescue lyrics


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Leap y'all feelings in a single bound
When this thing go down
You know the boy rap rings around
Anybody copying the sound it's
Tigallo to the rescue
Coming right back to these streets
Like a biscuit and tea wit the 3-piece
But I'm here to ignore the hype all ya likes and retweets
Fuck readin ya thinkpiece, nigga
Tigallo to the rescue
At a minimum we gonna handle 'em
Tell ya whole crew they better ante up
Cause he don't pause
No flaws, these bars is adamantium
We got a plan of attack
Understand this ain't what you want
Understand I am much too raw
More realer compared to what you saw
Down to earth but up to par
So try again better luck tomorrow
It was an order that was much too tall
And when the darkness rises
Ain't no surprises
Y'all know who the fuck to call
Tigallo to the rescue

I've been waiting for this moment all my life
Never knowing what to say
But if truth is love and all the ways it shines
May it brighten all your days

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