Expensive Genes lyrics


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Seven days in a week
Eat a steak every plate it's a feast
Watch your weight no mistakes in the least
Or else you too will dig a grave with your teeth
I wish I that I could fit in these expensive genes
A waistline that'll rip the seams
And pharmaceuticals that sit between ya heart medicine
Cough medicine blood thinners and antihistamines
We got the ocean front view
But scope is so limited
Cause young niggas be dying of old nigga shit
Wifey sleeping in the guest room cause you snore at night
It’s like 40 years old is 3/4 life
Our biggest fears were shots or armed robbery
Now the biggest fears are clots and oncology
Got a sleep app to tell you you got sleep apnea
He all in your sheets with a CPAP
Wish that I could fit in these expensive genes
I don’t like this cut it’s like the Lord got my order wrong
3am stress eating laying down on it
Now ya blood sugar is borderline Bordelon
Seen em rise I seen em fall
I’ve seen the dreams of fiends and scenes of war
Inside my mind it ain’t nothin serene it’s called Blackness
The most expensive gene of all

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