Worldwide (with CL Smooth) lyrics

Pete Rock

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[Rob-O] Who keeps it methods and orthodox, who caught the props Who's styles are shit, who's gonna rock? On to the break of dawn, you wanna battle, pay the price Mathematically precise, smooth and plus nice With a flow that's like a mailman or letter carrier Rob-O brings the ghetto area Funk flavor through your neighborhood, state, town, or borough Stay down, I don't think I'm quite thorough Not your average rapper (Listen) Cause in a sec I write some shit to blast your wack ass to Mecca See Rob's the most Mecca To grab the microphone and yes y'all it To school these dreds and stress these bald heads The INI's in the house (You don't stop) Pete Rock, Grap Luva, Mark, and Polo rising and you don't stop We let the funk slide and let God be our guide Flowing from the Vernon worldwide [Pete Rock] It's the funk god, taking you worldwide, so bust it Flowing over beats cause it's a must, kid That I proceed to fix the hardcore in the mix Check one two with the flow that fits I make the hits that soar, I put the wreck in the raw '94 in your local record store It's Pete Rock and CL, the Main Ingredient Now leave your wack style home, cause you won't be needing it I grab the mic and get wreck for real You hear me on the wax, kid, you see me on the steel Can you feel the funk as I inject? Then God protect it, hold the mic, see I select it To keep it crazy versatile but still underground, packs the four pound cause it's wild In this place you'll find it hard to hide Soul Brother and I'm going worldwide [Rob-O] Now who's the greatest? Few debate this, you're still figuring? Well perish the thought, there's none bigger in This act son, Mecca is all I attract You're wack, son, yeah your talent's a fraction While I'm nice, as Christ, there's two religions So envision a messiah on a mission, the competition I'll stop your wishing point blank cause you lost it Your joint sank, your soft style's exhausted And now it's mandatory, you stand before me amazed and awed Giving praise, you're the God Rob cipher's born, most Mecca supreme A fly MC with the self-esteem You keep it wholesome and still I relax a bit I play your shit out like ??? cause my wig out has to hit I'm steadily encouraging head bops while you're scurrying to get props I'm worldwide [Pete Rock] Yo, check out the rhyme buster, pulling niggas through the wringer I'm not a singer, as I conduct with one finger It's the orchestrater, mutilator, master funktator I've got mad flow from here to Asia Cause I'll amaze ya with the skills that I possess Knock out the rhymes with all the rest So I suggest if you're in the way step aside Cause Pete Rock is coming worldwide

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