If It Ain't Rough, It Ain't Right (with CL Smooth) lyrics

Pete Rock

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[CL Smooth] Above the level of a mezzanine, healthy as Ovaltine The dominant ? clean, I mean go, the light's green The protege could play like chess to quest the best Confess, never poor as Bangladesh I get busy like a boxer, operate like a Doctor Seal like a locker, pop like Orville Redenbacher Buy the tape, LP, CD All me, and Petey, to cater to the needy Like a Prayer for Madonna but A Different World for Jasmine CL is well a physical attraction Let me make myself perfectly clear: while I'm there, I make a peer a positive pap smear Really I do, once I light the barbeque Thread the loose ends, see my friends are the crew The fright night King of New York like Frank White If it ain't rough it ain't right man listen.. [CL Smooth] If it ain't rough enough, to mingle in the stuff to scar and scuff and make you cuckoo like a cocoa puff; it ain't right so I smash the satellite Check the farenheight, before I take flight Unique as Mozambique, here to freak Sheik The skills that won't leak, and never antique Warm like a oven you're lovin the style I'm druggin Alleyway muggin, heavyweight sluggin No fibs I kick the ad libs and rock it in the cribs Break your ribs like a toothpick cause you were never slick ? you lacked back when I first started CL's the one who got the Red Sea parted My conversation qualification is a doozy The rude Rudy wreckin write you off as a floozy I shoot for the moon, but even if I miss I'm among the stars, to put a bullethole in Mars.. [CL Smooth] In my frame of mind I design the best-seller For rougher cats can Rockafeller you're Penn and Teller Steady with the convo, rought like Brillo Let your head hit the bed and knock the feathers out your pillow The master intelligent, with the black testament Found it relevant, and mailed it to the President But overall I get papes for my labor with the physical manifestation of a saviour You wanna test this, but I slay anyway cause your rhymes are old, with more wrinkles than a charpei Mecca Don upon the streets of Babylon Pass the baton to respond like Farrakhan Hard like Shaft with the staff for the Backdraft A blazin aftermath, so hon make a path If you don't trust him, bust him But if you don't have a weapon, then kid keep steppin The main idea in here for the hemisphere CL's here to get wreck for the year A large man's appetite, blowin like dynamite If it ain't rough it ain't right, COME ON!

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