Devils Haircut lyrics


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Something's wrong
cause my mind is fadin'
And everywhere I look

there's a dead end waiting,
Temperature's dropping

at the rottin' oasis
Stealing kisses
from the leperous faces

Heads are hanging
from the garbageman trees
Mouthwash, jukebox, gasoline,
Pistols are pointing
at a poor man's pockets
Smiling eyes
whippin' out of the sockets

Got a devils haircut in my mind (X4)

Love machines
on the sympathy crutches
Discount orgies
on the dropout buses
Hitchin' a ride
with the bleedin' noses
Comin' to town
with the briefcase blues

Got a devils haircut in my mind (X4)

Somethin' wrong
cause my mind is fading
Ghetto blastin' disintegrating
Rock 'n' roll
know what I'm saying?
Everywhere I look
there's a devil in waiting.

Got a devils haircut in my mind (X7)

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