Bumble Boogie lyrics


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You can buzz buzz buzz and I'll like it
And if you listen to the sound you will agree
And if the rhythm moves ya honey
And ya got some easy money
You can come and get your fill naturally
Oh baby

Everybody in the hive hive hive
Loves to boogie to the jive jive jive
Kissin' cousins by the dozens
Oh bumble bee

Well you can roll in tokyo don't you know
Oh honey would you like to go to rio
They're buzzin' all around the world
Bumble boy and bumble girl
You know they ain't afraid to let their feelin's show
Oh baby

You should be busy 'cause you're sweet sweet sweet
To the bumble beat beat beat
Bumble boogie oh bumble boogie
Oh buzz buzz buzz
Why don't we go somewhere and smoke

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