Best of My Life lyrics

'N Sync

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Girl don't say that's it's over
'cuz you are a part of me yeah
Girl just hold on
Please tell me what is wrong with us
Could it be that you're lonely
Could it be that I didn't care
Tell me please girl
That you are still feelin' for me


Girl where is the love
That we used to know, our love
All these days that we used to share
So tell me please what can I do


I will give you the best of my life
Yes I'll give you all that you need
Anything that you want I will give it to you

And you know that I miss you
And you know I can't live without you
I'm prayin' each day that your love will come back my way
In my dreams I still hold you
In my dreams are you still with me
Please don't hesitate
'cuz girl I can't wait for your love


Chorus x2

Where is te love we used to know
All the days that we used to share

Chorus x4

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