Street Fightin' Man lyrics

Lynch Mob

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Music: lynch, logan
Lyrics: logan, esposito

He was a back alley street fightin man
He just do what he please
A bad struttin mother, a sucker for
His gun and his needs

Yeah, mad at the world
Thrown down and tied to the whippin'
Post, oh he's a lost soul
Who wants it all

You know a poor boy with muddy hands
Ain't got no childhood memories
There's no way out for this punk called

Street fightin' man
Yeah, street fightin man

Well there's a black cloud that covers
The city a shadow he stands
Taken through the darkest alleyways and
Taught fist, blood, and greed
And nothing more

Sad at the world
Like a heart that bleeds with a cut
Od a knife oh he's a lost soul
Who wants it all
Mad at the world
Poor souls how no respect
For no one at all

Oh I won't be coming home
No I won't
Street fightin' man

He was a back alley street fightin' man
He just do what he please
For ever to be damned
Just a beggar, begging on his knees
You know its down, down, down
To the depths of his soul
There ain't no loving home man
For tha street fightin' man
Street fightin' man
And mad at the world
No I won't be coming
I won't be coming

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