The High Life lyrics


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Featuring Elijah Blake
Prod by Kevin Randolph

Seem like my whole life changed in the last year
At parties with legends like what the fuck I’m doing here?
Man if there’s someone to say what the fuck you doing here?
Until I realized that baloney had nothing to fear
Who would’ve thought I would mingle with celebrity singles
In a room full of Grammy winners discussin they singles
Some people love you, some people hate you, some people need you
Some people act like they know it but they can’t even read you
The effort I put into music still the same amount
‘Cause any day everything changed at the bank account
I remember the day I got my advance money
I’m talkin so much bread, this shit will make you dance money
It was the first thing I did, got my team out the way and then I got myself a crib
I played many, gave me a place to stay for a year
Put food in my stomach, I had nothing to fear
Unless that 365 is up, I told him to quit his job and gave him a new career
So many rappers on that stupid superstar shit
But I plan to eat with the people I starved with
I’ve made money, I’ve lost money, I’ve spent money
I slept outside due the lack of the rent money
I’ve been in love but having been through a lot of pain
‘Cause what the fuck is sunshine without a little rain?
And love is like leaves in the fall
‘Cause some people get scared and leave and you fall
Speaking of which I met this girl the other day
The type of girl that make the pain fade away
And I have a feeling she gon be my next
‘Cause she make me forget all about my ex
I’m talking something that’s deeper than just sex
But I don’t want it to be the 3rd letter in the word next
Always sold in the CMF
I’m just not current, none of the above
And man fuck all that depressin shit
Let’s get this money and fuck these bitches, you know what I’m sayin?
Said nah, you all just know that I’m playin
‘Cause all the money you possess ain’t what makes you a man
Bitch shy, toughed out, blow 100 grand
But you still in the same place, damn
But man the world is so fascinating
Ambition got these girls gravitating
And honestly it strokes the ego
But beautiful women ain’t good for nothing except procrastinating
I got a show and pass coming up
Followed by London, I’mma tear it up
So maybe people just don’t kill enough
Analyzing faces in the crowd standing up
What the difference between me and them?
How come I ain’t even cryin but they show CNM?
What do guys see in me that he ain’t see in em?
‘Cause honestly I see no difference between me and them
We all people, all equal, we all the same
Lookin for control tryna play the game
We all got issues, just different magazines
We all sleep but have different dreams
I read that once you’re awake and yo life ain’t what it seems
And that’s the reason I’m living within my own dream

Hell yea, fuck em like I’m runnin from you all
Haters probably think they finish me, I’m like no, not at all
I’m too in it, not the fall
Like it’s fill, bitch I ball
Never asked me what my team make ‘cause you know I brought em all
And if you’re looking for a problem then we can get it solved
I just can’t let my corners keep it pushed in the dissolve
You got bitches, I got by
We searchin girls that be ride or die
Now Shawty on another level, let me catch a vibe
See the bad girl, eye crew is in the sky
She graduated cum laudae, yo bitch went to defry
God damn, oh girl, she a go getter
At the party takin shots like a boat redder
Doin many things and everything I feel bad
And now she in the crib getting high like 4 set
I had the feelin I be illin, all these motherfuckers grillin
And she give me life ‘cause I’m the inner killin
Bring it down, do it slow, show me how that really go
Girl I’m new in town, I don’t really know
They be like, when you gonna tell me that you love me?
I be like bitch I gotta hit the studio, ho
And she got me on the crib, talkin that she wanna do it
Kind I’m on the dressin lookin, they be like ain’t nothing to it
Nigga shit, I do it though
I don’t even know the ho
Read er then you know the ho
I don’t know, you know that ho

Say girl you’re what I need
Oh oh oh
Mama I made it
You cannot tell me no but the young boy made a beat
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
I said oh oh oh oh oh

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