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Some of the realest out in the world

Yea, this is my vision
Written what I second thought or revision
The type of shit that affect you like an oncoming collision
That just make you freeze, drop to the knees and beg em
Please Lord forgive me for grippin the semi now
When searchin for God all I ever do is stare up
While Satan sendin me women wearin nothing but they hair up
Got the condom on the dresses, I can’t wait to undress her
Would you think lesser of me if I did it?
‘Cause I get lonely, I’m human and boy it’s been a minute
Fresh out, the stage surrounded by women that wanna hit it
Or should I take the pussy just so I could get it?
And do I want something that’s more committing?
God damn it’s hard to admit it
As you focused on the little things the bigger ones will get ya
So I minimize the negatives to see the bigger picture
I get richer while you fuckers hate
So keep it up and watch a young brother elevate
I’m black and white but racism I still cannot evade
I never understood the concept even to this day
You know we’re all the same in the eyes of a blay
‘Cause when men share blood it’s still the same shade

And I swear I’m just a man homie
Flesh and blood, I’m just a man
But I don’t think they understand homie
I ain’t perfect, I’m just a man
Yea, yall think I’m more than just a man

I contemplate on the daily if I survive and strive to be the greatest lyricist dead or alive
I gotta prevail, that’s my word like excel
Went from a small town in west deer park to double X L
Now we shoppin at Louie V, back in the day it was Ross
They callin me the savior, hope they don’t give me the cross
Yea, now that’s the realest shit you ever heard
Never in the streets but I was closer than the curb
Dude you feel me? Whole world wanna kill me
Signed a deal but I’m still me
In 5 years will I still be?
Ever since I was a youngin this is all I ever wanted
Always kept it real while they perpetrated and fronted
I was in the studio while they was getting blunted
Always had my doubts but deep down I knew I run it
Sportin off monty like ménage a trois
That’s double breasted
A lot of time I’ve invested and never one time arrested
For the numbers like when you getting tested
The game is over, saturated, completely infested
The greatest story ever told in a song ever written
To hell with a plan B, motherfucker I am king
I’m just tryna get this money, I’m just tryna get paid
That’s the type of mentality put careers in the grave
Fuck how much you made, what’s it worth if yo memory fade?
Now I ain’t perfect, on occasion I’m strayed
It’s been forever since I prayed
And I guess today is the day
So I step in the booth and treat that shit like a confession
Thinkin back as I reminisce
Wonderin, does God even exist?
A man of faith but mentally I feel at risk
What you want from me? Where I’m supposed to go?
Seem like you never talk, tell me how I’m supposed to know
I’m just a man, I ain’t perfect
Is this life even worth it?
It’s time to dig up the past, so fuck it
Less I loved it like my childhood
Leaving free like a child should
Remember the time I opened the bedroom door crack
And saw my daddy smoking more crack?
No food in my house, we just couldn’t afford that
Mama drinkin, sleepin until 5
But she always seemed to get up whenever men arrive
Feelin alone at like 11
Segregated from the other kids like it was 19-57
I’ve loved, I’ve hated, I’ve cried, I’ve died inside
I’m resurrected but don’t neglect that I’m modified
I’m stronger, faster, better than ever before
And everything I’ve been through can honestly assure
Yea, I’m no less, no more,

I’m just a man homie
Flesh and blood, I’m just a man
But I don’t think they understand homie
I ain’t perfect, I’m just a man
Yall think I’m more than just a man

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