Common Logic / Midnight Marauder lyrics


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May I ask in what way your life is contributing to society
As you sit here day after day after day

In this dark room, stringing along on that stupid guitar?
Have you ever thought about that?
What are you doing for the world or for other people?
Day after day, hour after hour, night after night

(Verse 1: Logic)
Me and my homies just chillin' feelin' the vibes
This the time of our lives but many don't realize
Havin' visions of livin' on another level
Never signed them the devil,
The rebel that we fuck around with the treble
Bumping tribe in the system like penicillin
Motherfucker I'm killing
If venomous never remember this it's like a system
Say it then I do it that never missed 'em
Then fuck 'em after I kissed 'em
Sit back and listen my chain ain't glisten
It's like I'm from another dimension
Did I mention my circles smaller then a intervention
(and then some) beautiful women tell me I'm handsome
(Then I) smash they hard make they pussy the ransom
(I) fuck them until inside they belly burst
(stop it) drop the beat and then we cue the verse
Spitting lyrics like Howa Macka never really dispersed
Slaughter MCs and resurrect them when they 'gin to hurst
They say I got too many styles bitch I been the first
They scared to jump in the cipher I be all up in it first
My apologies but if you're after me then it gets worse
When I come through I spit voodoo and leave them cursed
Come and lodge


This is the realest
Only until the real shall I reveal this
I even made this beat my self just so y'all could feel this
From Nasty Nas to Big L to A Tribe Called Quest
We the Rattpack in other words the tribe that's next

(Verse 2: Logic)
It's been a long time
And I ain't even in my prime
I remember many moons ago spitting the realest lines
On the come up
Matter of fact it was long before that
Before I bought my first mic, before I could afford that
This is a letter to the underground the place where I'm from
This is a letter to the fans that understand what I've done
And even though I've gotta leave man don't none of y'all grieve
Cause even in the mainstream that lyricism I breathe
Some of y'all love my raw records, some of y'all don't
Some of y'all will love my radio shit, some of y'all won't
Just like my race, my music is always begin again
Something for everybody no not just one lane
And on the real I'll never forget the day I got my deal
Full creator control and the money was unreal
Started from the bottom and got here cause of my skill
And I never set a goal that I didn't plan to fulfill

(Hook x5)

You're not any less of a man if you don't pull the trigger
You're not necessarily a man if you do
This concludes Midnight Marauder program
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