Half-Life lyrics

Local H

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Three, four!

Half-life,welcome the worst
Born to your station and your station's a curse
Daddy says "wait and see"
Ain't seen the sun since 1973

Half-life,fake your claim
Falling asleep and waking up is the same
Half alive and half dead too
Work is for suckers and the sucker is you

You know the lies they tell are told unti they're truel
You know they hardly ever (Yeah, I'm falling fast)
You know they hardly ever (I'm not gonna last)
Ya want it,they got it
It's your circumstance
You Know the hardly ever give a lepar a chance
Half-life [x3]
or no life at all

Half-life and all fucked up
You're born with nothing better make it enough
Pat in the back kick in the teeth
Alcohol will be your only relief

[Chorus x3]

You know they hardly ever give a leper a chance

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