5th Avenue Crazy lyrics

Local H

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My pockets are out
you got me upside down
I've gone 5th Avenue crazy
Flat on my face
I feel your hands on my waist
You've gone 5th Avenue Crazy
This is what I want I guess
Aging fast and out of cash (gas)
both sides are cracked but there's no going back
because I'm bum-fuckin crazy with 5th Avenue Crazy

[girl's voice]
Oh my God i love you so
and that's all you need to know
give me money give me blow
don't slow down cuz red means "go"

you're gettin pathological the paths you take
but you can't change and you know you should
I've gotta head out
I've gotta try out
but the deal was to go and go until we're dead

red means go 5th Avenue Crazy.

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