When Cathedrals Where White lyrics

Little River Band

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The world goes to war, but who is it for
Can we sleep in our beds at night
And remember the pain,
and not want to regain
When cathedrals were white
You know I still think of you,
and all we went through
But the years have now faded the light
Is your love still the same
as it was on that day
When cathedrals were white
All those onward Christian soldiers
Fighting onward Christian wars
Are you surprised when you discover
Just what they're fighting for?
We run through the rain
and we get through the pain
And we teach all our kids wrong from right
But can we ever say that we love like the day
When cathedrals were white
All those leaders and cheaters
Disguise their deeds with a smile
So nonchalant, as they turn to tell you
All your thoughts are on file
And who is to blame that we've come to this day
When no one remembers what it was like
Back when honesty reigned, when we loved not for gain
When cathedrals were white
When cathedrals were white

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