Lonely Lives lyrics

Little River Band

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Beeb Birtles and Graham Goble
Each day you're driving me a little more crazy,
each day you're driving me further from your heart,
how did we land ourselves in this situation,
which brings me back, right to the start.
(Bringing me back)
Now you don't care for seeing movies,
and you don't care for eating out,
you spend your rainy days in conversation,
tell me girl, what's it all about ?
You mean a lot to me,
but you're never there, we never share the happy times,
what lonely lives we lead ...
Will we ever learn
that we're not to blame, it's all a game, we're out to win,
but we're never the same again ...
Now we don't miss each other's laughter,
seems you're alright on your own,
but if you find you ever need me,
you're crazy to live your life alone.
Lonely lives.

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