It's Cold Out Tonight lyrics

Little River Band

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by Graham Goble
The sun beat down on the water's edge, as he sailed to his judgment day,
and his mother cried, for the day she died, he was half the world away,
the light-house flashed its warning, and he cried out to be free,
but the darkness fell on the promised land, he was just about to see.
Chorus :
Oh now, get it all while you can,
seize the moment, it's in your hand,
take the feeling and get it right,
learn the lesson, it's cold out tonight.
The wind swept down throught the city, with a chill factor '85,
but the children played in the streets all day, they were glad to be alive,
it was Christmas time and the carols rose in the hearts of everyone,
snd his thoughts were turning to his home, when they all were overrun.
Tonight he goes to the city square, from solitaire, to the golden hair,
he love the girl, tells her so, "I cry for you and I'd die for you."
The tower leaned and crumbled, sinking right before his eyes,
for the leaders could do nothing, they were stunned and paralyzed
the silnece cracked the still night air, as the protest was upheld,
he would live to fight another day, so he started to rebuild.

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