Into The Silence lyrics

Little River Band

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by Graham Goble
Into the silence, into my lonely memories of you,
into the silence, inside my broken dreams I go to you,
into the silence, I find protection from myself,
from the noise outside, I hide,
I'm sorry I lied and said I need somebody else.
Into the silence, safe in behind my wall of dignity,
into the silence, inside my room is all that's left to me,
into the silence, where I keep my distance from the world,
from the things you say, I turn away,
when all I want is to be held.
I want just to say to me now,
"Get in touch with what went wrong",
but each time I say I'm sorry,
there's less strength to carry on,
to go out and find my answers,
just leads me to despair,
when do I get to take some chances,
when will I find me standing there ?
Into the silnce, beneath a lonely melody I hide,
into the silence, into another side of me I slide,
into the silence, where I don't have to face myself,
I can be alone, turn off the phone,
and make believe I need nobody else.
Into the silnece, silence, si ... lence ...

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