In The City lyrics

Little River Band

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by Beeb Birtles and Bill Cuomo
I'm all alone, it's late at night,
I've been lurking in the city,
people keep asking me what is it that I'm doing with my life,
how high the moon, how deep the scars can be from living in the city,
through the pain and tension learning to survive,
their questions cut me like a knife.
There was a time, not long ago,
my star was shining in the city,
people would hang around and hope to get a piece of my mind,
how slow the rise, how quick the fall can be while living in the city,
does it really matter if it's all ...
... behind me now -
lies a different view,
the life I knew is gone,
change somehow made me face my fears,
as the years roll on.
Sometimes the pace can be so fast,
I feel like running from the city,
people don't understand when there is nothing left to explain,
how can I stay, how can I leave, my heart keeps yearning for the city,
caught up in confusion - I've gotta get away !
I lie awake at night with visions in my head,
were all the dreams and plans I made,
merely words I said,
and I remember all the things I really miss,
I guess there's not an easy answer,
people tell me that it's just the way it is ...
in the city.
Turn around,
in my life I see memories so strong,
take me down,
streets that light the sky,
that's where I belong,
in the city,
in the city.

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