Bad (That's Her) lyrics

Lil Scrappy

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(feat. Stuey Rock)

She's bad that's her
That's her that's her
Say that's her that's her
That's her that's her
She knows she's bad
Yeah she knows she's bad
Bad as a murderer (repeats)

She got her own crib
She got her own wheel
She got her own crew
So she takes own true
She got own s way
She buy her own bed
And when she hit the mall
She's Papa

And she's so pretty...
She don't need no nigger
And when she's in the club
She buys her own liquor
I mean a whole bottle
... nigger like him
She looks just like a diva
If she wasn't scared
I guess he will be up to meet her
You know what she says
Money ain't a thing
And when she takes you up
She'll eat you... whole thing


She's bad and she has a nice way
She hit the mall...
A Louis bag, she got that
The Gucci bag, she got that
Yeah she got that this because she bought that
She hit the true club and makes that ass pop
Every time I see her I tell her that's her
I see my... like her
I tell her she can pop inside my yellow Jaguar
And you know I got... like a bad boy
All across the world
Grab your passport
You ain't got to ask


If she's so fine
I wanna fuck her five times
Got a lot of boobs but they are on the side line
What I wanna do to you baby should be a crime
She said...
She saw your ID...
She ain't be no one night hore
She only be the only shit
I like this shit...

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