Feel Like I Lose My Mind lyrics

Lil Boosie

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In Memory of my brother dee
My brother dee huh look
In memories of my brother dee
Can't let them destroy me

That's my phone ringing
Who the fuck is bee (is bee)
Mane get down here
A bitch nigga just murdered dee
I dropped down to my knees
And asked the lord please
Don't let this here be my brother
I'll make you bitches bleed
Know out here looking, stressing
It wasn't his time to leave (time to leave)
Remember nissing when we hit licks
And rode D's and scored Key's and OG's
Mane it was ugly
Went from a old cutlass
To a new caddy on buttons
See we was thuggin'
I can't believe you dead
In the paper I read
Got me fucked up in the head
Remember what you said
You'll be there to the end
I would rather you lock down
And go into the pin
We live that life of sin
So I guess we gotta suffer
I just talked to lil' India
She said tell her daddy see love 'em
This just really your lil brother
And I hope you pray for me
And I hope you watch over your brother
While I'm on the streets
? Rest in peace
A cold hearted killa out that south
Dismissing your issue
If you ever shot em out
He straight jacking you bitches up in tha drought
Know matter what he hit for
Look we parlayed it out...

It seems like I'm a lose my mind
Cause I lost so many of my time
And it hurts me down to my soul
But I never ever let you go [x2]

Look Look
Dee bitch said he told 'em (I know him)
He got killed but he
Left one in tha comma (you lying)
Him and da nigga terry
They had a lick
For two bricks
Busted open a nigga shit
And start taping niggas up quick
One nigga felt for his life
So he starts to wrestle
That boy terry panic
And shot dee off in tha bladder
He fell to the floor
Blood all over the bed
Terry dropped the gun and fled
And left dee up in the house dead
Ole' bitch ass nigga
Not knowing what you doing
My brother you just ruining
Left my family boo hooing
My brother you just ruining
Left my family boo hooing
My brother you just ruining
Left my family boo hooing
Sleepless nights as he gone
And we grow
Niggas wanna test
That's why I keep dat dirty heat chrome
I'll bloods keep
So I'm a be strong
Don't let these niggas get the best of you
Riding late at night
With that chopper trynna check a fool

[Chorus x2]

My soul

When I lost my nigga Ivy
I lost a quarter mill
Every time I leave this lil drought
One fall with all my cheese
Bathing Apes on our feet
We live da good life
He told me don't get in that car dat night
He saved my life
So in return
Ratchet hatchet got you nigga
From your son to your girl
Never let your name die
Long as I'm in this world
When you died I cried days
Throw my hat to the front
I lost weight, sip dallas
Smoked blunt after blunt
And I miss my big dog
Mane... Shit my big dog
Had swag in my last pocket
Kiss my big dog
I told keith I got them believing
And any nigga talking on CD
Gotta see me
Dat nigga took my main man
It's fucked up
Nigga took a bulldog mane
Now tha hood ain't the same
And I'll never let you die
I mean that
I'm a send your kids to college
This one here for IVY

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