I Quit lyrics

Lil Boosie

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Whats Up World
Just Got Out The Hospital Again
Lied To Ya Again
I Lied
But Im Back
But Im Back Bitch
And You Know I Got A Mothafucking Story To Tell
I Quit I Aint Fucking With Dat

[Verse 1:]
Aint Dat Money A Motha Fucka It Have Ya Trapped
So Strong Dat It Make The Strongest Nigga Relaps
For Da Shit Dat He Dont Need Perhaps
Like Codeine
Yeah It Taste So Good But It Fucked My Kidney
Shortened Up My Liver
Now Im Back In Dis Position (Fucked Up)
Hospital Bed Icu With Da Living Dead
Thinner Then A Piece Of Thread
Ho's Peaking They Head In (Embarassing)
On Da Phone With They Best Friend Like Yeah Dats Him
I Went To Thinking Bout Daddy Their My Nigga Ivy
Pains In My Iv Holling God Why Me
Said A Prair To Myself Looked Up Saw Tootie Ti And I Right Their Im Like Awwwww
Tired Of Dis Halo Tired Of Dis Yellow Should've Said Know Im Hard Headed Though
I Felt Untouchable The Money Kept Pooring In
1 Sip Lead To 10 Im On Dat Drank Again

[Chorus: x4]
I Quit It I Aint Fucking With It I Say Dat All The Time I Quit I Quit I Quit Iquit

[Verse 2:]
Im Having Nightmares I Cant Sleep
Cant Let The Reefa Spank Me
I Woke Up U Got To Thank B
Your Fans Read You Fucking Right
Ya Lil Man He Need His Daddy In His Life Got To Make A Change
Woke Up To Momma Momma Like Boy U Promised Me I Dont Know What Im Gone Do Girl You Know How Momma Be
2 Days Later Got My Caramel Flavor Hit Lil Junior On Da Razor Ill Be Home Later

What Up Dog, What Up Man
Straight, Yeah Im Good Nigga
Cant Be Fucking With Dat Shit Mane,I Know I Aint Fucking With Dat Shit No More Just Call Up Dis Money Nigga Money Fuck A Nigga Money Fuck A Nigga Up You Know You Know


[Verse 3:]
Went To Da Yo Got In My Zone And Wrote Dis Bitch
Didnt Even Know What To Name It But Iknew How To Brang It
I Got To Quit Dis Bull Shit
Everytime I Get Rich Sometimes I Get Sick
But I Travel On Da Road (Hard Times) Show For Show
Body Hurtin But I Got To Go
Got Children Nigga
Gone Feed Them Pottna
One Phone Call Dats All
We In The Van 5 Deep Time To Call Ball
And Get Da Conetent
Real Is How I Run Dat
Dat South Is Where I Hung At
Need To Stop Being Nice To People
Need To Start Saying I Aint Got It
Need To Start Telling My Niggas Nigga Come Out Yo Pockets
Need To Take My Ass To Church
Say Dat All The Time

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