Change lyrics

Kierra Kiki Sheard

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In the streets they sell they body to get money
gangstas play those things that are dirty
sellin rocks as the clock tic tocs even got our kids doing it what a shame just for playing the game
young women wanna b what they see on tv...not knowing what it takes to be
cuz ya better than that..u gotta know thats a fact
you dont belong in the game
i think its time for a change
(change its gotta change) you know a change is gonnna come
situations gotta get better
(change its gotta change its gotta change)
im not perfect but it just aint the way..killin each other like everyday (one of my homies was locked up and shot up)
c'mon yal we cant give up
we need some leaders not followers from here now on
so we can change cuz i dont know wats really going
so throw yo hands in the air if u believe me and let me hear u scream if you know we need a change

you know one day soon we will b more cryin no more dyin we wont feel pain..we'll love one another one day soon

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