Oh Lord lyrics

Kierra Kiki Sheard

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I cried out to God with my voice and He gave ear to me
In the day of my trouble, He comforted me
So because You love me faithfully
And You alone are worthy

I, I love thee I stretch out to Thee, oh, oh Lord
I bow before Thee, oh, oh lord
I give myself to You completely
Ooh, oh, yeah, oh oh

I will now and forever, sing with joy unto my God
Because of Your wisdom You sent Your only Son
Because You want what's best for me
I will love You faithfully and You alone are worthy

Oh Lord, I stretch out too thee, oh Lord
I bow before thee, oh Lord
I give myself to you, completely
Ooh, oh oh

Oh Lord my God who alone is wise
Be glory and majesty
I come before you, with joy, let's sing
I worship You in beauty of Your holiness

Oh, oh Lord, I stretch out to Thee
Oh, oh Lord, I bow before Thee
Oh, oh Lord, I give myself to You completely
Ooh, oh yeah, oh, oh

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