You Love Me lyrics

Kierra Kiki Sheard

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You Love Me, Especially Different, You Keep Me, On My Feet, Happily Excited.
You Love Me, Everytime.
You Love Me.
Thank You For Loving Me Jesus
That's Who I'm Talking About
You Love Me, Especially Different
Every Time You Keep Me, On My Feet
Happily Excited
Your Touch, Your Hand, Your Style, Your Intelligence

You Kept Me No No No No Never Left Me
You Taught Me, You Taught Me
Give Me Somethings To Think About.
Oh Thank You For Loving Me Jesus
Spoken: And You Know I Just Want To Encourage You Tonight, That Sometimes You May Get Down On Your Knees And, You Wanna Hear The Lords Voice, And His Voice Might Come Back To You In A Little Still Voice, Like This Just To Let You Know You're Not Alone He Might Say Something Like This.
Your Not Alone [Echoed]
I'll Hold Your Hand [Echoed]
I'll Help You [Echoed]
To Understand [Echoed]
Oh [Echoed]
Can't Nobody Love You [Echoed]
Like I Can [Echoed]
I'll Step In [Echoed] Right On [Echoed] Right On Time [Echoed]
I'm With You [Echoed]
I'm Always On Time [Echoed]
Yeah [Echoed]
Oh Nobody Can Touch You Like I Can
You Never Know God May Come In With A Still Voice Like That
The Lord Has Been Kind
(The Lord Has Been Kind)
Been So Wonderful
(Been So Wonderful)
He Is So Awesome
(He Is So Awesome)
God Has Blessed Me Always
(God Has Blessed Me Always)
(I Thank You Lord For All The Things You've Done For Me I Thank You For Being My Healer My Protect I Thank You For Being My Father Me Mother)
You Loved Me Especially Different
You Keep Me
On My Feet
Happily Excited
You Love Me

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