Zone Out lyrics


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(Feat. Chris Lee)

Verse1 KB:
I'm in here so what's up now
end zone like touchdown
KB and I'm dressed out
and I won't move like tough crowds
seven years I done stuck out
got death threats, pushed down
but how they posed' to hurt a man that's been dead since 05'
beat drop and I'm goin in
preach so hard so you know it's Him
He fills me up and then He pours
It's like I'm underneath yo' skin
promise dog I'm on it
to the praise of His glory homie
Ima' get it in.......coulda been.....full of Him

Hook Chris Lee:
Cuz' I got tunnel vision, yeah I'm focused on the light
He's with me, I can't see a thing cuz' I'm focused on Christ
You can try to kill me but you can't hurt me
you can bring whoever you want, want
you'll never break me, won't penetrate
once i get off in my zone, zone, yeah
I'm in my zone

Verse2 KB:
Hey don't let me get in my zone
Don't let me get in my zone
I ain't dissin' Oprah, but I'm never on my own
But lemme say this Ima' live forever regardless how my doctor feel
Call it Willow Smith, my Father's will
I've seen the Lord, the same I'll never be
Some say they seen the Lord, but live on casually
I don't know what what you saw, but the Lord ain't what you've seen
What you've really seen the Lord, you're obsessed with what you've seen
Obsession boy they say it right, love him more than dead life
and I know how you can beat porn let him give you new web sight
I promise dog I want Him, my eyes set on His glory
I visualize Him crucified, both hands wide before me.


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