Living God lyrics


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If you gon' rock the boat
You better have a plan to float
Everybody wanna conquer
Better know it's gon' cost you
When you lose dollar signs for it
When there's feelin' when you ride for it
When you still hold it down for it
Send the package when you sign for it (Sign for it)

I'm livin' it (Uh,uh)
Givin' my dividend (Uh,uh)
We stay penitent
Look at that little man get it in, lit-er than many men (oh)
All my squad finna live again (oh)
On my God and they been in it (oh)
I'ma go off to the pill again
Even in the pain can't paint what my vision is (woo!)

Look into my eyes and quickly wonder "God is shaken by the lies"
But took Him by surprise and route that made a life
And took a Native outlet
I would live in God
I would live in God (For real right here)
I would live in God
Ain't nobody finna gonna stop, boy, 'cause if I come in over here
And get a job with the Living God (woo!)

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