Dnou Pt. 2 lyrics


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Boy don't nobody own us
Own us
Own us
Own us

No nonsense
No nonsense?

I taught KBJ no no nonsense
Never cautious 'cause I can't miss with the God sitting in the cockpit
See my options in the pocket
I don't need a quarter back from your profit
Can't buy me
Not a conflict in my conscience
Comments never stopped him
Optics for the God head I'm 92 Compton
Ride for the King dodge this when we charge in
I'm not debating
I'm not the paper
I'm not the sales
I'm not the lights
I'm not the fakers
I'm not the strings
I'm not the cable
I'm not gonna fight for seats up on the table
God is able
So let me break it down
With the biggest hit with the sinner
I'm gonna pick it and kick it the spirit is equipping the lyricist
Tryna be like I'm synonym
Ain't no pretending in here

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